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Tags are an internal tool to help you organize, search, filter, and discover your content in Wistia.

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This feature is only available on our new Free, Plus, Pro, Advanced, and all Premium plans. Switch to the new version of your plan (or pick a different one!) to discover more features.

Setting Up Tags

Tags can be created in two ways: directly on an individual media or on the Tag Management page in your Account Settings.

Creating a new Tag on a Media

Head to a media and click “Add a Tag” or “Edit” to create a new tag. After you’ve created a new tag, it will automatically be added to your account’s list of tags that you can review from the Tag Management page.

Create a Tag on a Media Page

Creating a new Tag on the Tag Management page

To set up a list of tags that can then be added to media, the Account Owner can head to the Tag Management page by selecting “Account” and then “Tags.” Here, you can create tags that can then be assigned to any content in your account. There are no limits to the number of tags you can create, but we recommend starting with a smaller number of tags that meets your organizational needs!

Tag Management Page

Managing Tags

The Tag Management page will display all of the tags that have been created in your Wistia account, including the number of media assigned to each tag and when the tag was last used in your account.

Want to rename a tag? No problem. You can rename any tag from this page, which will update it anywhere it’s being used in your account.

No longer need a tag? You can also delete tags from this page, which will delete the tag entirely from your account. You cannot undo this action, but you can always recreate a tag and assign it to your content.

Tagging Media

Once you’ve created tags to your account (see Setting Up Tags), it’s time to tag some (or more) media!

Head to an individual media and click the option to “Add a tag” or “Edit.” Begin typing to create a new tag or select an existing tag. You’ll also see a dropdown list of all the tags in your account to choose from, and the number of times that tag has been used to help guide your selection.

Accidentally added an incorrect tag? Changing up your tagging system? Click “Add a Tag” or “Edit,” and then the “x” to remove a tag from the media. This will not delete the tag from your account.

Remove a Tag

If you’d like to add tags to media in bulk, select your desired content (hover over a media to click to select it!), then click “Tag Media” in the bottom bulk action bar. From here, select the tags you’d like to add, type to search existing tags, or create new tags. Then, click “Add Tag.”

Tagging Media in Bulk

Filtering Tagged Content

To see all media with a specific tag, click on that tag from a media or from the account’s Tag Management page - you’ll then see a list on the All Media page.

Tags on All Media Page

Tagging Permissions

Currently, only Account Owners and Managers are able to add/create or delete tags on a media, as well as rename or delete tags globally from the Tag Management page.

Viewers and Collaborators will only be able to see the tags assigned to any media they have access to.

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