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Using Wistia and Trello Together
Using Wistia and Trello Together

The Wistia Trello Power-Up | A Power-Up that makes Wistia and Trello the best of friends

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The Wistia Trello Power-Up is not compatible with audio files.

Wistia Trello Power-Up

wistia and trello

With the Wistia Trello Power-Up you can attach videos to your Trello cards, see a snapshot of each video’s stats, and play them right within Trello. You can even upload new videos and search your Wistia account in-context. It’s a great way to manage your video workflow, and share video content and metrics with your team.

Setting Things Up

To enable the Wistia Power-Up, open the menu on the right-hand side of a Trello board, open the Power-Ups section, then find Wistia and click that Enable button.

wistia power-up

Once enabled, click the gear icon to connect your Wistia account to Trello. This lets you see Wistia video stats, and upload and search for videos in Wistia from Trello.


You must be the Owner or a Manager of your Wistia account to connect the integration. Once connected, every member of your Trello team with access to the board will have the Power-Up enabled, and be able to view stats and upload videos.

Attach Wistia videos to Trello cards

There are three ways to add a Wistia video to Trello. All are easy-peasey, lemon-squeezy.

  • Paste a Wistia link

  • Upload a new video

  • Search for existing videos

Paste a Wistia link

When you copy and paste a Wistia link into a comment in Trello, it will automatically show the video’s title in a pretty link, like so:

wistia link in trello

After pasting a link into a comment, save the comment and click Add link as attachment to finish attaching the video. This will display the video thumbnail at the top of the card, along with a snapshot of the video’s stats:

wistia video in trello card

Upload a New Video

To upload a video to Wistia from Trello, click the Wistia button on the right-hand side of a Trello card.

add wistia video in trello card


By default, videos you upload in Trello will go into a Wistia folder named Trello board videos: (your Trello board’s name). If you want to upload videos into a different Wistia folder, you can select a new one in the Power-Up’s settings area.

wistia power-up settings

Find Existing Videos

To search for existing videos from your Wistia account, click the Wistia button on the right-hand side of a card, then select the Choose Existing Video option. In there, you can choose from the 10 most recently updated videos from your account, or search for any video by name.

wistia power-up video search
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