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Setting up the Wistia - Integration
Setting up the Wistia - Integration

Connect your account to Wistia.

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Available on all Wistia plans, and paid legacy plans, when you connect your account to Wistia, you can connect specific boards to Wistia, as well as set up automations for that board in

How the Wistia - integration works

Connect your Wistia account to a specific board from the Integrations Center in Wistia is listed under “Apps.”


If you’d like to use the integration with multiple boards, you’ll need to connect your Wistia account to each one.

There are three custom triggers available:

  • Media created trigger

  • Lead converted trigger

  • Percentage watched trigger

Within a board, you can add these custom triggers to build out automations. custom wistia actions

After selecting “Add to board,” you’ll be prompted to authorize Wistia.


If you are a user on multiple accounts, you can choose which account you’d like to connect to The first time a Wistia account is connected to, that account becomes the only one that can connect across other boards as well. If you need to connect a different account, the initial one will need to be removed and the new one authorized.

From here, you can set up specific rules, including which group you’d like items to be created in, dates, assignments, and to base the automation off of any metadata pulled into Wistia (link to below section).

Set up rules in

Once added to boards, when these events occur in Wistia, they will trigger the creation of items in


An item is an individual row (or line item). The content of an item is totally up to you and will depend on what the board’s plan is — they can represent anything from a list of projects, to weekly tasks, clients, locations or anything else depending on your workflow!

Item creation in

You can manage your Wistia integration on a per board basis by navigating back to the Integration Center. You can toggle the integration on or off, customize it, or delete it.

Manage Wistia integration in

Information imported from Wistia to

Each custom trigger includes various types of metadata:

  • When a media is created in Wistia create an item

    • Media ID, Media Title, Media URL, Media Duration, Uploader

  • When a viewer fills out a Turnstile on a Wistia media create an item

    • Media ID, Media Title, Media URL, Media Duration, Uploader, Lead Name, Lead Email

  • When a viewer watches a certain percentage of a media, create an item

    • Media ID, Media Title, Media URL, Media Duration, Uploader, Lead Name, Lead Email, Percent Watched

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