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Setting up the Wistia - Hootsuite Integration
Setting up the Wistia - Hootsuite Integration

Connect Wistia and Hootsuite to share to your social channels.

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Connect Wistia & Hootsuite to access your Wistia library and share your videos across social channels from one place. With this integration, you don’t need to download your Wistia content to later re-upload on your desired social platform.

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that assists in planning, scheduling, monitoring, and managing social media posts. It was designed to help marketers engage with their audience and increase leads across various channels.

This article is about configuring the Wistia - Hootsuite integration to share your Wistia content on social media. If you’re a Hootsuite user and are curious about different ways you can share your Wistia videos to social media, this article is for you.

Now let’s get to setting up the integration!

Set up the Hootsuite Integration


The Hootsuite integration is available to all Wistia plans — you’ll need to be an Account Owner or Manager in Wistia to access it. On the Hootsuite side, you’ll need to be on the Professional plan or higher.


From your Hootsuite dashboard, click on the Profile icon at the bottom left-hand side of your screen and select “Install Hootsuite apps” to navigate to the Hootsuite App Directory.

Profile Icon on Hootsuite Dashboard

Once the App Directory loads, navigate to the top-right of your screen, search for “Wistia” in “All Apps,” and click “Install.”

Authorizing with Wistia

Upon installing the app, Wistia appears on the left-hand side of your Hootsuite dashboard under “Content Sources.”

Hootsuite Dashboard Content Sources

From there, if you have multiple Content Sources installed, select Wistia and log into your Wistia account to access all your media directly in Hootsuite.

Log into Wistia from Hootsuite

You’ll then need to authorize the integration.

Authorize Wistia for Hootsuite to connect the integration

Accessing your Wistia Library

Now that you’ve connected your Wistia account to Hootsuite, you can access your entire Wistia library from one place. Whether you’re looking for content from a folder or a Channel, you can navigate your library in Hootsuite as if it were in Wistia. You can also use the search function to search for any specific content.

Wistia in your Hootsuite library

Sharing your Wistia content on social media

To share your content, from the all-content view, you can navigate through the Channels and folders you have created in Wistia; from there, you can look for the content you wish to share. You can also use the search bar at the top right-hand side of your content view to search for your desired media.

Search your Wistia content in Hootsuite

Once you’ve found the content you wish to share, click “Compose post.” From there, you can compose the post via the “Share video link” or “Attach video to post” option.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind regarding those two options:

  • Sharing a video link allows you to share the link to the Wistia media page of the respective media.

  • Attaching a video to a post allows you to share your videos natively across your social channels.


Due to the video length limitation imposed by various social media platforms, you can only natively share videos up to 60 seconds long via the “Attach video to post” option. If the video is more than 60 seconds long, you’ll only have the option to select the “Share video link” to compose your post.

You’re now ready to share your content on social media. From the “New post” view, you’ll see a “Publish to” dropdown menu allowing you to select from any of your connected social media accounts. If you’d previously shared content via Hootsuite, you’ll see a “Recently used” section showcasing the social account you recently used to share content to.

Below is a Content block to add a caption for your post.

Hootsuite content block for new post

If you composed your post using the “Attach video to post” option, the video will automatically be included in your post, and you’ll be able to see how it’ll appear on your social channel using the Hootsuite preview.

Hootsuite preview for social media channel

If you compose your post using the “Share video link” option, the video title and media page link will automatically be added to the content block. You can edit the block as well.

content block for share video link option

You can also add tags to your post if you’d like.

When you’re ready, schedule your post for later, or click “Post Now.”

Once your video has been shared, you’ll see a confirmation at the top of your page, and you’re all set!

Hootsuite confirmation that you shared your post

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team. We’ll be happy to help!

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