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Adding and Publishing Episodes
Adding and Publishing Episodes

Learn how to add new episodes to your Wistia Channel.

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Add an episode

To add content to your Channel, click “Add” and then either “Upload” or “Add from Folder.”

Selecting “Upload” will prompt you to select content from your computer to upload to your Channel. After you’ve selected your desired content, choose a folder where you’d like your media to live. Your Channel will then reference this media.

If you select “Add from Folder,” you’ll be able to navigate to a folder with your desired media in it.

After you’ve added your new episodes, you can give them a separate title and description within a Channel than in a folder.

If you've enabled podcasting, complete the "Podcast Details" section as well to select the episode type and number.


Don’t forget to save your changes! Also, if you’ve added your podcast to listening applications, such as Apple, keep in mind that any changes you save for published episodes may take several hours to be picked up by these directories.

Podcast episode details

If you’ve enabled podcasting for your Channel, the edit modal will have a "Podcast Details" section. This includes episode type, episode number, explicit content flag, and the ability to hide an episode from your podcast feed.

  • Episode type: most of the time you’ll want to choose "Full Episode" but you can also add a "Trailer" or "Bonus."

  • Episode number: order your content by episode number.

  • Explicit content: if your content is explicit, make sure to check this box. We recommend that you review Apple’s explicit content guidelines to learn more.

  • Hide from podcast feed: show your episode in your Channel, but not in podcast directories where you've shared your podcast.

Preview your episode

When you’re ready to see what your episode will look like to users visiting your Wistia Channel, click the "Preview" option from your episode's "Edit Details" modal.


This preview shows what your content will look like in your Wistia Channel, and may not reflect exactly what your listeners will see in podcast directories or listening apps.

Publish your episode

When you have all your podcast details set up, it’s time to publish your episode! By default, all new episodes are unpublished and in draft mode.

Click your episode to open the edit modal and scroll down to the "Podcast Details" section. If you’d like to publish an episode to your Wistia Channel, but not to your public podcast feed, check off "Hide from podcast feed."

Under "Publish status," choose to schedule publishing, or publish the episode immediately. Once complete, click "Save."

If you’re not ready to publish your episode yet, keep it as a draft.

Automatic Publishing

If you enable automatic publishing, any new content uploaded to your Channel will publish upon upload. Automatic publishing is great to use if you would like to avoid clicking through each episode to publish them individually. You can enable automatic publishing on your Channel's Settings page.


Automatic publishing cannot be turned on for Channels that have podcasting enabled. This is so that you have a chance to add additional details (such a title, description, episode details, episode number) before sharing new episodes with your listeners.

Replace your episode

If you’ve made an edit to your episode (big or small!) and you’d like to replace the current one with the new version, you can replace your episode.

To replace content in your Channel, click the media to open the "Edit details" modal and then click "View in folder."

From here, click "Replace Media" and then select your desired option.

Overwriting is a popular choice for making small tweaks to an episode, while swapping is meant for larger edits or entirely new content. Once the replacement has completed uploading, your folder, Channel, RSS feed, and all embedded instances will reflect the updated version.

Download your episode

To download an episode from your Channel, click the episode to open the "Edit details" modal and then click "View in folder." On the media's page in the folder, click "Download." You can download the original file, or different quality assets that Wistia has created. You can also choose to download the thumbnail or captions file (if applicable).


What you see here depends on whether you’re downloading an audio episode, or a video episode. For audio episodes, you’ll see the uncompressed file, the encoded version and the episode art/thumbnail. For video episodes, you’ll see a number of different quality options, in addition to the uncompresed file and thumbnail.

Delete your episode

Click your episode to open the "Edit details" modal and then click "View in folder." From here, click "Delete" and then confirm your decision in the popup box. If the episode has received any plays in the last 90 days, we’ll also display the embed location where the plays occurred. Deleting an episode will delete all of its analytics and remove it from your folder, Channel, and podcast feed (if you’ve enabled podcasting).


Depending on your plan, you may also have ability to archive your episodes. You can read more about archiving here!

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