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Channel Analytics Overview
Channel Analytics Overview

How your Channel is performing, including data on channels shared publicly, embedded on webpages, or podcasts distributed to listening apps.

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You can access your Channel Stats by selecting the "Analytics" option on the sidebar when viewing a Channel.

On the Channel Analytic's page you’ll find data like Plays, Hours consumed, Average Engagement, and more. Read on to learn more about each of these metrics and how to understand your Channel stats.


As a heads up, your Channel Analytics page will look a little different depending on if you’ve enabled podcasting on your channel. Certain metrics, like Plays on other platforms, are only available for podcasts that have been syndicated to directories.

Selecting a Date Range

You can filter your Channel’s analytics based on time frame. We display analytics for the last seven days by default, but you can customize this date range to display data for a pre-selected time period or for a custom range.

To change your date range click on the carrot next to the time frame. This will open up a calendar. You can either select a date range from the left-hand list or click into the calendar to set a custom date range.

The time frame you set here will be applied to all graphs on the page.


Plays Chart

The plays chart shows how many plays a Channel has received over a selected time period. The time period you select here will apply to all the graphs on the page.

Here you can find information on how many times your Channel has been played and where. This chart includes:

  • Total Plays

  • Plays on Wistia

  • Plays on Podcast Apps


Analytics data from Spotify is not included in your Channel Stats. If you’ve distributed your podcast to Spotify and want to see the performance analytics for your episodes that information is only available within Spotify.

Total Plays

This metric represents the total number of plays your Channel has received, both on Wistia and on other platforms. Total Plays provides a top-level view of the amount of engagement your Channel has received and where that engagement has come from.

Plays on Wistia

Plays on Wistia are the number of plays your Channel has received either from a public link or from an embedded channel. You can think of this stat as a reflection of the number of plays your Channel has gotten on your “owned properties.”

Plays on Other Podcast Apps

Listening Methods Graph

If you have podcasts enabled on your Channel, then it’s more than likely that you’ve distributed your RSS feed to podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Google, and others. If you have, then you’ll be able to see how many plays your podcast has received on other platforms right on this nifty color-coded chart.

The Listening Methods graph displays the number of times your podcast has been streamed or downloaded on listening apps during the time frame selected at the top of the page. This chart will be limited to the top four sources and all the remaining will be combined into an “Other” category.


The “Other” category contains all listening locations not named specifically. There is not a way to view a detailed list of these locations.

We define plays based on the following user actions and using the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) definition for calculating podcast downloads:

  • A listener has streamed more than one minute of a podcast episode

  • A listener has fully downloaded an episode


Not seeing any data here? This metric will only contain information for podcasts you’ve distributed through Wistia. If you haven’t distributed your podcast, yet we’ve got you covered! Check out our guide to Distributing Your Podcast.

Time Played

Image 2020-09-30 at 3.45.35 PM

The time played chart displays how much time your audience has spent engaging with your Channel’s content over the time period you selected at the top of the page.

This chart includes data on:

  • The total time your content was played

  • The amount of time your content was played on Wistia

  • The amound of time your content was played on other platforms


A note about Plays on other platforms: after a podcast episode has been downloaded we aren’t able to capture exact listening data the way we can on Wistia. This metric is an estimate based on the length of your episode and the amount of times it has been downloaded from other platforms.

Top Episodes

Top Episodes Chart

This chart displays the top five highest performing episodes on your Channels as ranked by plays over the time period you selected at the top of your page. Think about it like the honor roll for your Channel. Here you can see which five episodes have been played the most, when they were published, and their engagement rate.

Export Channel Analytics

You can export your Channel’s analytics using the “Export” button on the top right of your analytics page. The export will include data from the date range you have selected in the date picker. We’ll email you a link to download a CSV file with your Channel’s analytics.

Here is the information you’ll find in your export:

  • Channel Name

  • Episode Name

  • Upload Date

  • Publish Date

  • Unique Loads on Wistia

  • Total Plays

  • Plays on Wistia

  • Unique Plays on Wistia

  • Plays on Podcast Apps

  • Seconds Played on Wistia

  • Seconds Played on Podcast Apps

  • Avg. Engagement on Wistia


Podcast fields will only be included for Channels that have Podcasting enabled.

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