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Customize Your Channel
Customize Your Channel

Customize your Channel to fit your branding.

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On your Channel's media page, select "Edit/Preview Channel" to customize and share your Channel!

Channel Styles

Click into "Channel Styles" to customize your Channel's colors, font, and content type.


Within the "Colors" section, you can choose whether you'd like a dark or light background, and select the button and player color.

To make your content more accessible, you can limit the spectrum of the color chart to high-contrast colors. You can learn more about accessibility here.


Choose from 25 different fonts to apply to your Channel’s title, description, and media names. Set the size of the text here as well.


You can also match your Channel’s font to the font used on your website! Check out our developer documentation to learn more.

Content Type Label

Within the "Channel Styles" section, "Content Type Label" gives you the option to select the word that best describes your Channel content. You can choose from the following:

  • Episode

  • Video

  • Media

  • Course


Your Channel’s header contains the title and description, logo, alignment, background, and trailer. Select "Edit/Preview Channel" from your Channel's media page, then click into the "Header" section to customize these components.

Title and Description

The title and description will reflect what've already set up, and serves as another spot to edit it.


Customize your Channel further by adding a logo. You can then adjust its size and can choose to replace your title with the logo.


Your logo will also be used in emails to subscribers. For best results, we recommend uploading a high resolution .png file, up to 960x400.


Align your Channel’s title and description to the left or center of the header.

Opt for left-alignment to give your Channel a more “branded content” design, or center your text over the background of your Channel to draw your viewers to your title and description.


Upload a new image or video to display as your Channel background. If you’d prefer to use a video, you have the option of using a video from any folder in your Wistia account.

The background will default to the thumbnail (over cover image for an audio file) of the first media in the Channel. When uploading an image for your Channel background, the image will be resized for the size of the device or window it’s being viewed on.


We recommend the largest size possible for the best resolution, as well as an aspect ratio that matches the container you plan to embed your Channel in when possible.


You can select any video within your Wistia account to display as the trailer for your Channel.

Once you’ve selected a trailer, a “Play Trailer” option will replace the “Play” button. If needed, you can remove the trailer and select another one.


Showcase a trailer, new media, or your most popular content in the "Featured" section of your Channel. Select "Switch featured media" to choose a media to showcase between the header and body of your Channel. Finally, give this section a custom title and choose whether you'd like to display the current media title and summary, or set up a new title and summary for the "Featured" section.

If you choose a media to highlight in this section, it will still appear in your Channel. Featuring a video or podcast episode will not affect your RSS feed.


Here, you can customize the layout of your Channel, control whether you’d like to display transcripts for your media, and enable the search option.


You can choose amongst three different layout options for your Channel:

  • Carousel

  • Grid

  • List

Each section of your Channel will reflect the layout design you’ve selected.

Sections and Layout

The order in which your media display in stems directly from your Channel's media page. You can further organize your media by creating sections.


Collapsing a section within your Episodes page will not affect how they appear in your Channel.

When viewing a Channel, media will be organized by the sections you've created on the Channel media page.

Sections on Channel Page


Select if you'd like to remove transcripts from displaying within the Channel. Transcripts are enabled by default.


Channel search is enabled by default to allow viewers to search for media in your Channel.

Email Subscribers

The Add-Ons sections of your Channel’s edit menu is where you can enable the option to collect email subscribers.

Enable this feature so your viewers can fill out a form (much like our Turnstiles) to receive email updates when you add new content to your Channel.

To add a subscribe form to a Channel, open the up the "Header Button and Form" section, and check off “Show Subscribe button.”

Once this option has been selected, a “Subscribe for updates” button will appear on your Channel. The following options can be configured for the form:

  • Ask for First and Last Name or just ask for email address

  • Customize form header

  • Add a legal notice

  • Select a list to sync Subscribers to if you have a marketing automation or email marketing integration connected.

Want to find additional information on the Email Subscribers functionality? Head over to our Subscribers Page!

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