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Connect your Zoom account to manually or automatically import cloud recordings to Wistia.

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Setting up the integration

To get started with the Wistia + Zoom integration, you’ll need a Zoom account with Cloud recordings enabled. You can connect your Zoom account to Wistia in one of three ways:

  • In a folder, by selecting the “Import from Zoom” option

  • In Account Settings


Since the Zoom integration is personally tied to the email associated with your Zoom account, only your own recordings will import from Zoom.

Connecting Zoom in a Folder

In the “Add” menu for a folder, there is an option to “Import from Zoom.” If there isn’t an active Zoom account connected, clicking on this option will show a prompt that allows you to login with your Zoom account and connect it to Wistia.

Connect to zoom from a folder

Once you enter your Zoom credentials and successfully connect, you will be redirected back to your folder, where you can configure your integration settings or continue on to manually import recordings.

Connecting Zoom in Account Settings

If you navigate to your user profile (Account > Settings > Personal), under the “My Integrations” section, there will be an option to connect Zoom.

Clicking Connect will prompt you to login to Zoom and after successfully connecting you’ll be brought back to the user profile page where you can configure auto-import or head back to a folder where you can Import your recordings.

Connect zoom to wistia account

Adding the Wistia app in the Zoom App Marketplace

One additional way to set up the Wistia + Zoom integration is to add the Wistia app from the Zoom App Marketplace. Steps to add the app are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace, or find the listing in the Recordings category.

  2. Once on the listing for Wistia, click the “Add” button and go through the setup flow.

  3. After successfully completing setup you’ll land on your User Profile page in Wistia where you can configure your integration settings or jump into one of your folders to get started importing your previous recordings.

Importing Zoom cloud recordings

Once Zoom is connected, you can either automatically import new cloud recordings or manually import recordings from the past 30 days.


Any transcripts associated with your cloud recordings will not be imported into Wistia. Instead, you can manually upload the SRT file to the media after importing.

Configuring automatic imports

After setting up the integration, there will be an option to “auto-import cloud recordings initiated from Zoom.” If this option is selected, any new cloud recordings will be automatically imported into your Wistia account.


Cloud recordings will be automatically imported either to the folder where you originally connected the integration or to the folder you selected in the configuration settings

To change this setting, navigate to Account > Settings > Personal. You can toggle this option on/off or you can select a specific folder where you want cloud recordings to be imported to.

Zoom Integration Settings

Manually importing

To manually select recordings you want to import, you can choose the “Import from Zoom” option in a folder. If there is an active Zoom integration, this will display a screen that allows you to select any cloud recordings (from the last 30 days) that you want to import into Wistia.

Zoom Integration - Manual Import

Disconnecting the Integration

To disconnect the integration in Wistia:

  • Log in to your Wistia account and navigate to Account > Settings > Personal (or click here)

  • Select the “Disconnect” option under the Zoom integration

  • All done! This will disconnect the integration and revoke your Zoom credentials.

To remove the Wistia app from your Zoom account:

  • Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  • Click Manage > Added Apps or search for the Wistia app.

  • Click the ‘Remove’ button.

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