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Wistia Integrations

Wistia plays well with lots of 3rd party services. See some of the best, and how to use them, in this article.

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The integrations here might work a bit differently with audio files. If you’re following the directions here and things don’t seem quite right, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot!

As we update our embedding processes and APIs, Wistia will get better and better at integrating with other top-notch services. On this page, we’ll do our best to keep track of places where Wistia works out-of-the-box for embedding, and also where deeper integrations have been built out by our awesome friends. If you currently use a service that would work well with Wistia, submit your request using this form.

Turnstile Integrations

Using Turnstile to collect viewer emails? Take it one step further and pass them into your email service provider! You can configure Turnstile with these platforms:

To set up your Turnstile integration, you’ll need to be an Account Owner, or a Manager. Navigate to Account > Settings and choose Integrations from under the Advanced header in the sidebar.

Or, you can be extra cool and just click here. 😎


Klaviyo requires entering your Private API key on your Wistia Integrations page to connect. The access level will need to be “Full Access Key” for the “List” API scope.

Then just select your desired Turnstile integration and follow the instructions to connect.

Each Turnstile integration requires different information (username, Client ID, password, Public or Private API key), so make sure to check out the integration in your account for further instructions.

Check out the Turnstile and Email Marketing pages for more information on getting the most out of your integration.


Wistia Turnstile and Wistia Podcasting will not work together as Turnstiles are not availabe as on our Audio Player. While Turnstile will not work, Reach & Retarget and MAP integrations will work for the most part as expeceted with Podcasts. See more in our Marketing Automation Integration category below.

Link in Email Campaign Integrations

Our "Link in Email Campaign" feature makes it easy for you to include Wistia video thumbnail links (or email merge tags) in your emails! See our Email Marketing page to learn more about it. Wistia supplies email merge tags for the following providers:

Don’t use one of these email service providers? No sweat! Try out a generic email merge tag instead, by choosing None from the dropdown menu.

To access these email merge tags, navigate to the video you'd like to share, and click the "Embed" button. Choose the "Email Campaign" tab, and pick your email marketing provider from the drop-down list.

Fun fact! If you’ve already integrated with Turnstile, Wistia will automatically supply the email merge tag for your current integration setup. But it’s always good to double check before copying.

Copy that email merge tag and paste away. Check out the Email Marketing page for more information.

Marketing Automation Integrations

We’ve built advanced marketing automation integrations with HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot. If your plan includes these integrations, you’ll be able to sync your leads' viewing activity with these marketing automation platforms.


When it comes to Podcasting, all of our marketing automation integrations should continue to work as they currently do; however, there are some key differences between these integrations and also between audio and video medias that will potentially impact how these work for our users. Subscribe will continue to work for channels as it does now. Users with marketing automation integrations connected can sync subscribers to a list from their marketing automation platform. HubSpot and Marketo will work as expected with Podcasting - although it does send % Watched event names for the time being. Reach & Retarget — Facebook Ads & Google Analytics — are now sending events for both video and audio medias using existing event names. If you have any questions on how this all works or if you’d like further details please get in contact with our awesome Support team!


IntegrationsIndex HubSpot

Use the Wistia-HubSpot integration to get all of your HubSpot customer viewing data into the same spot for prime lead scoring. From there you can build dynamic lists and build workflows around viewer interactions.

Learn more about setup and best practices on our HubSpot help page.


IntegrationsIndex Marketo

The Wistia-Marketo integration lets you segment leads based on their viewing data, trigger Smart Lists from video viewing events, and turn your videos into marketing automation powerhouses.

For detailed setup instructions, head over to the Marketo integration help page.


IntegrationsIndex Pardot

Using the Pardot Connector, you can automatically pass Wistia analytics back to your Pardot prospect data. You can also set up drip campaigns and score leads based on viewing data.

Reach & Retarget for Facebook

Reach & Retarget allows you to connect your Facebook Ad account to Wistia! This integration gives you the ability to see Wistia data within Facebook and use that data to create custom audiences for ad targeting. Armed with this knowledge, you will have the power to “retarget” ads on Facebook based on engagement.

Reach & Retarget for Google

Reach & Retarget allows you to connect your Google Ad account to Wistia. You’ll be able to see Wistia data in Google and use that to create custom audiences and retarget ads based on engagement.

CMS Integrations

On the lookout for a content management system that plays well with Wistia embeds? Here’s a good place to start!

Social Sharing

Head over to our Social Sharing page to learn more about getting social with Wistia. We love:

Other Services

We love seeing Wistia videos out in the wild. This is a (by no means complete) list of services that make Wistia embed codes feel right at home. 💕


Account Owners and Managers will be notified via a banner in the account if one or more of your integrations fail. Click “Reconnect” to connect the integrations again.

Curious about an integration? Need help making that embed look perfect? Give us a shout. We’ll be happy to help.

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