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Live Event Attendance Data
Live Event Attendance Data

View your live event's attendance data in your connected Wistia integration.

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When you set up your live event's registration to send entries to a list in your connected primary integration, you'll collect registrant, as well as attendee data. If you haven't set up your live event's registration page, head to our Getting Started with Live page for a full breakdown. Read on for further detail on live attendance data in your connected integration.


In order to see attendance data, you'll need to use a Wistia form for your live event's registration. To see data in HubSpot, Marketo, or Pardot, you'll need to be on an Advanced or Premium plan with one of these integration connected and set up as your primary integration. Learn more about our plans on our Pricing page.

Attendance Data

Within your primary integration, if you've selected a list to send registrants to, you'll also see information detailing the attendance for your live event.

HubSpot Attendance Data

In addition to collecting registrants in HubSpot, you can see the attendance data for a live event on each contact record.

There are a few required pieces in order to set this up:

  1. Be sure HubSpot is set up as your primary integration.

  2. If you connected your HubSpot integration before April 17, 2023, you will need to disconnect and reconnect the integration.

  3. Create a Static List in HubSpot to connect to your live event (for registration and attendance data to come through).

To view attendee data on a Contact Record, click into your desired Contact Record, open the Activities Tab, click into the Activity Sub-Tab to select Filters, and ensure “Marketing events” is checked.

Marketing events filter in HubSpot Contact Record

To view all Marketing Events, head to your Contacts page, click into the dropdown menu, and select “Marketing events.”

View marketing events in HubSpot contacts

After a live event, attendees can be segmented and added to new workflows and lists in HubSpot.

Marketo Attendance Data

With Marketo set as your primary integration, you can send attendance data there. We highly recommend choosing a different list than your registrant list to ensure the data is segmented correctly.

Select list to send attendees to

When someone registers for an event, Wistia creates a contact record for them in Marketo. When that person attends the live stream, the contact record will appear in the selected attendee list to indicate that the person attended.

Attendees will display in the specific list you’ve selected to send them to.

Attendee list in Marketo

The attendee list will also display in the Activity Log in Marketo.

Marketo Activity Log

Pardot Attendance Data

Set Pardot as your primary integration to send live event attendance data.

On the registration page for your live event, select a list to send attendees to.


Select a registration list in order to select an attendee list.

Select Pardot list to send attendees to

When someone registers for an event, Wistia creates a contact record for that person in Pardot. From there, when they attend an event, the contact record will update to indicate that.

If someone registers and/or attends a live event and their contact record already exists in Pardot, we’ll update the existing record to include the additional activity.

After the event, attendees will show in the designated list in Pardot.

Attendee list in Pardot

Attendees will also display in the Activity Log in Pardot.

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