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Change the player color, and control branding with Appearance.

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Audio files do not include the options to add comments, configure Custom Player Branding, or Set Folder Defaults.

Get your media looking sharp! Perfectly tailor your media’s visual style in the Appearance tab.

The Customize panel should be your first stop when making a Wistia media your own. Changing the appearance of your media and making some decisions about the look of the Wistia media page is super easy thanks to the Appearance tab.

To get to the Appearance tab, you’ll want to navigate to the media you’d like to customize. From there, select “Customize,” then “Appearance.”

Wistia Media page


Appearance Options in Customize

In the Appearance tab, you can update the player color, add and remove branding, and round the corners of the player.

First, the player color should reflect your branding to encourage more consistency in your viewers' experience.

Next, you can round the corners of the player to further align with your branding or, just because!

Player Rounded Corners

You can switch on or off the Wistia branding and, optionally, your own custom branding.

Changing the Player Color

Updating the player color is the simplest way to make the Wistia player your own. From the Customize panel, just select the color you’d like from the color picker. You can also input a hexadecimal color to get your branding perfectly on point.👌


Did you know that changing the default player color increases your media’s play rate? What an easy win! 🎯 Read all about picking the right player color for your media over on the blog.

You also have the option to limit the spectrum of player colors that you can choose from. This gives you color options that are accessible and high visibility, therefore improving the viewing experience for those with visual and/or color impairment.

Limit color spectrum for player color

To update the player color for multiple players at a time, please see Bulk Player Color Updates.

If you’d like to set an account-wide player color, you can do that as the Account Owner in your account settings. Check out the account setting page for a quick walk-through.

Player Branding

Custom branding allows you to personalize your media with a default custom logo.

Next to Custom Player Branding, click “Configure” to upload your own logo, or “Upload new logo” if you’d like to. From there you can decide whether you’d like the logo to display in the top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right. You can choose the size of your logo, and add a link to a webpage.

Player branding setup

The Wistia Banner

The Wistia Banner is a small logo that appears on the player directly after the full screen button. This control cannot be turned off on Free accounts.

Wistia logo on playbar


Upgraded your account, but still see the Wistia banner? Media uploaded and customized before you upgrade your account will keep their same customizations, but you can always head into the Customize panel to turn this option off.

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