Live Event Recording

Access your Live event recording, embed and share, and view analytics!

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When you’ve completed your live event, the recording will automatically be saved in your Wistia account as a new media.

Live Media

It will look a lot like other media pages in your account (a media in a folder, for instance).

You can Customize the recording, view Analytics, download your media file, or delete it.

Wistia Live Event Recording Analytics


The analytics at the top of the page are related to the event while it was live, while the other analytics are for the event recording (if you’ve shared it.)


Make sure you’re certain about deleting your media. This cannot be undone.

You can also view the Registration page to see who attended your Live event.

Your Live recording acts like other medias in your account, which means that, in addition to customizing it, you can choose to Embed & Share it (and get those sweet, sweet Analytics!).

Embed your recording on your website, share it in an email, or publish it to your social channels!

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