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Customizing your Soapbox
Customizing your Soapbox

Personalize the presentation of your Soapbox video before sharing.

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We’re saying goodbye to Soapbox on 9/1, but you can still record with Wistia. Learn more.

Customizing your Soapbox

Before sharing your Soapbox with the target audience, customize the player appearance and title to help convey the intended message and align with your brand.

Edit Video Title

By default, the title of your video is the timestamp from when you recorded. This can be updated from within the Customize tab by simply clicking on the title feld below “Video title & Thumbnail.” Edit the text to your liking and it will be saved automatically.

Edit Soapbox Title

Good news! Changing the title of the video won’t affect any links, so you can adjust this even after sharing the video.


You have a coulple of different options when it comes to setting a thumbnail for your Soapbox video. On a Free Plan, you can take a picture with your webcam, or select a particular frame from your recording. On a Solo or Team Plan, you can take a video, with the option to add text overlay.

Soapbox Thumbnail Dropdown Menu


Text overlay can be added on a video thumbnail, but not on a static thumbnail image.

Take Photo

In the Title & Thumbnail section, select Take Photo. A preview and countdown window will appear for you to snap a brand new photo with your camera to serve as the thumbnail of your video. You can then choose to Retake or Use Thumbnail.

Soapbox thumbnail

Despite the live camera preview, your thumbnail will not appear mirrored.

Choose Frame

In the Title & Thumbnail section, select Choose Frame. When selecting a frame from your video make sure you seek to the part of the video you would like to set as the thumbnail, using the play bar on the player in the center of your screen. Once you’ve found the frame you’d like to use for your thumbnail, select Use this frame.

Soapbox thumbnail choose frame


The size of the play button is dynamic, so it may not always match exactly what you see in the thumbnail capture.

Take Video and Text Overlay

On a paid plan (Solo or Team) you can take a video to use as your thumbnail. In the Title & Thumbnail section, select Take Video. A preview and countdown window will appear and you’ll have five seconds to record a GIF.

Soapbox GIF

After you record the video, you’ll have the option to add TEXT OVERLAY. You can decide which text appears above the play button, and below it.

Create text overlay

After your text overlay is all set, it will look like this.

Live video thumbnail and text overlay


Updating the player color is the simplest way to make the Wistia player your own. Align the color with your brand, choose a hue that speaks to a certain tone, or just pick your favorite! You can select the color you’d like from the color picker, or input a hexadecimal color code to pinpoint a specific shade.

Soapbox Player Color Customization

In the preview window, the background of the page will also change to a lighter hue of the player color you choose.

Call to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is a clickable message that appears at the end of your video, and it lets your viewers know what you want them to do next. You can choose to add a Text Link CTA, a Hubspot Meetings link, or a Calendly link (HubSpot and Calendly are available on a paid Soapbox subscription).

Soapbox Call to action type dropdown menu

Text Link CTA

If you’d like your viewers to take a specific action after watching, craft some text and add a link to another page or resource.

Under “TYPE,” select Text Link and input the desired text and URL for redirecting your viewers.

Soapbox Call to action Text Link

Hubspot Meetings

In the CTA “TYPE” dropdown, you’ll find the option for Hubspot Meetings. Here, you can input a Hubspot Meetings link to allow viewers access to your calendar.

Soabox Call to action HubSpot Meetings Link


You’ll also find the Calendly option in the CTA “TYPE” dropdown. Once selected, you can add a Calendly link for viewers to book meetings.

Soapbox Call to action Calendly link

Preview Your Video

While making updates within the Customize or Share tabs in Soapbox, you’ll see a realtime preview window reflecting any changes you make.

Soapbox Customize Preview

To see how your Soapbox will appear to a viewer, you can click the Preview in new tab link below the preview window. A new tab will open displaying the video on a Soapbox media page, so you can experience exactly what a recipient will see when they click on your Soapbox link.

When you’re satisfied with the customizations to your video, you can click over to the Sharing tab to get a link for your video.

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