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Sharing Your Soapbox
Sharing Your Soapbox

Share your Soapbox by sending a link or exporting the video to your Wistia account.

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We’re saying goodbye to Soapbox on 9/1, but you can still record with Wistia. Learn more.

You’ve edited your video and it’s looking fantastic. Let’s share it with the world!

In the Share section, you’ll have the option to copy the thumbnail link to your clipboard, or just copy the URL only, if that’s your thing.

Soapbox Share Link

If you’re sharing the thumbnail and link, we recommend using an email client with a rich text editor (Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo all work great!). You can also share the direct URL to the video on social media.

Video Storage

All recordings will be kept safe in the My Videos section. You can get there directly from the Soapbox icon, or by going to

Soapbox Video Storage

Videos in this section can be continually edited, in case you ever need to update your recording. Anyone with a link to your Soapbox will always see the most recent set of edits and customizations.

Exporting to Wistia

When you’re done making a Soapbox video, you can now export that video to Wistia!

How to Export


Videos recorded in Soapbox can only be downloaded from your Soapbox account. If you try to download a Soapbox video from within Wistia you will be directed back to Soapbox.

When you’ve got your video in tip-top shape, click the Export option found under the Done Editing menu. If you haven’t already connected your Wistia account to Soapbox, you’ll see two options:

  1. Sign into a Wistia account

  2. Create a new Wistia account

Either works! If you end up creating an account you’ll get redirected through a flow to create an account, then be dropped into that account when you’re done. Once you’re there you can hop back over to your Soapbox video to keep moving along.

When you click Sign into a Wistia account you’ll either be presented with a list of accounts (of which you should select one) or a confirmation window. Selecting an account from the list you see will lead to that confirmation. The confirmation window that lists out the permissions will have the following messages:

“Authorize Soapbox-Wistia Integration to connect with your Wistia account?”

“Once authorized, this application will be able to read, update, and delete anything.”

Read the warnings and confirm you’d like to give Soapbox access to your Wistia account. When you do you’ll see that the connection options have been replaced with a project selector and an Export to Wistia button. Select a project and export!

Wistia Permissions for Exporting from Soapbox

The Export to Wistia functionality of Soapbox utilizes the Wistia oAuth2 API to gain access to your Wistia account. As a result, you will see any account you’ve been added to as a collaborator.

Any project for which you have upload permissions will appear as an option for exporting.

Wistia Features Unavailable for Soapbox Videos

There are currently three features that are incongruous from normal Wistia videos at this time:

  1. Use Current Frame functionality in Customize

  2. Downloading a Soapbox video in Wistia

  3. Ordering captions (though you can still upload captions)


Any Soapbox videos exported to Wistia will not receive further updates from the Soapbox editor. If you make further changes to a Soapbox creation, you’ll need to re-export that video to Wistia to see your changes there.

Stats and Your Soapbox Video

As a note, stats work like normal with Soapbox videos you have exported to Wistia, but stats accumulated on your video inside of Soapbox will not be reflected on the one in Wistia. They’re different videos, the one in Wistia being a copy of the one in Soapbox.

If you have a paid Soapbox subscription, you can access Activity & Alerts to view the stats for your creations.

Downloading Soapbox Videos

Downloading a creation made in Soapbox requires a paid Soapbox subscription. Even if you’ve exported the video into your Wistia account, you can only download a Soapbox from the Share tab of the Soapbox editor. For the full details on downloading, head over to the Soapbox Subscriptions Help Page.

Gmail Integration

And to make your life even easier, you can share your Soapbox videos right within your email using our Gmail Integration. Want in on this magic? Head to your Integrations page within Soapbox, check the Gmail integration box, and Bam! You can easily peruse and choose your Soapbox videos to share.

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Happy sharing!

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