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Live Event Recap
Live Event Recap

Understand how your audience interacted with your live event.

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Event Recap

To view the recap of your live event, head to your live event page and click “Analytics.” Here, you can navigate to the “Event recap” tab. The recap has a number of data points, including your Audience funnel, Attendee watch time, and Attendee interactions. You can see additional detail within each of these sections.


Only the Audience funnel can be downloaded at this time.

Audience Funnel

Within the Audience funnel, you can see a number of data points.

  • Impressions: a measure of unique visitors to the live event page.

  • Registrations: a measure of how many of the unique visitors submitted their information and registered for the event. This includes the registration rate, as well the number of visitors who did not register. Registration must be enabled for the event in order for us to collect this information.

  • Attendees: the number of attendees the event had, as well as the attendance rate.

  • Watched over 75%: the number of attendees who watched over 75% of the live event. This also includes the percentage of attendees who watched until the end, as well as those who watched under 75%.

Click the arrow to download the audience funnel as an image.

Live Event Recap Audience funnel


You can see the number of impressions and registrations before the live event.

Focused Attendees

Hovering over the engagement graph will display the number of attendees watching at any point in the event. We’ll also display the number and percentage of focused attendees, which includes attendees who had the Live event browser tab active on their viewing device. This metric helps gauge audience engagement and active participation during your event.

Live Focused Attendees

Attendees are considered focused if they:

  • Remain on the browser tab of the live event

  • Switch to a different window

  • Move other windows over top of the browser window with the live event

Attendees are not considered focused it they:

  • Navigate to a different tab in the same browser window

  • Minimize the browser window where they are watching the live event


Focused attendee data is available for events completed after February 26, 2024 on Advanced and Premium plans.

Attendee Watch Time

Here, you can see the average amount of time watched per attendee, as well as the total time spent watching for all attendees.

Live event recap attendee watch time

Attendee Interactions

You’ll find the total number of chats during the event, the percentage of your audience that chatted in, as well as the average number of chats per chat participant.


Chat must be enabled in your live event for chat analytics to appear.

live event recap attendee interactions


Attendee watch time and Attendee interactions do not include Host and Panelist watch time or chat interactions.

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