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Understand how your folder is performing

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Your Folder Analytics page is where you can see how an entire folder is performing. You can filter it for different timeframes, tags, media type, and customizations, and see which media are performing best.


The Folder Analytics page includes a number of different metrics to understand how your media are performing:

  • Plays: The total number of initial play button clicks in a session.

  • Play Rate: Out of the number of people who loaded content on a web page, this percentage of people played it.

  • Time Played: The total number of time your viewers spent watching or listening your media within the selected date range.

  • Unique Visitors: The number of distinct individuals who visited your content at least once within the selected date range.

  • Engagement: The average amount of time spent consuming your content.

  • Conversion Rate: Out of the number of people who saw a conversion opportunity (Lead Generation Tools) this percentage of people completed the desired action.

The line graph shows you specific analytics for the timeframe you’ve set, and hovering over each day shows you the total number for that day.

You can set this graph to show plays, play rate, time played, engagement, unique visitors, or conversion rate.

Project Analytics Line Graph

The “Top Media” chart lists the top 10 media in the folder according to the timeframe you’ve set, and the metric you sort by. You can sort by plays, play rate, time played, engagement, unique visitors, or conversion rate.

Project Analytics Top Media Chart


You can filter your folder analytics to a specific date range, media type, customization, and/or tag.


You can choose from the preset options here (7, 28, or 90s days) or, select your own timeframe, and then click “Apply.”


From the “Tags” dropdown menu, select which tags you’d like to filter your media for. The number next to each tag represents how many media have that tag.

Media Attribute filters

Under the “Filters” dropdown, you can filter by:

  • Media Type

  • Autoplay

  • Looped Media

  • Turnstile

  • Annotation Links

  • Call to Action

  • Evenbrite

  • Marketo

Once you’ve selected your desired filters, click “Apply” to update the page. You can see the filters you’ve set at the top of the page, and can remove any by clicking the “X” or deselecting it from the “Filters” dropdown menu.


Once you’ve filtered your analytics, you can export them to a .csv file, which you’ll receive via email.


The “Top Media” chart does not show a list of all media in the folder. You’ll see a complete chart when you export your analytics to a .csv file.


If your folder analytics aren’t loading as expected, check out our Status Page to see if there are any issues. If not, try clearing your cache and restarting your browser, ensuring it’s up to date.

Take a look at the Analytics Troubleshooting page as well.

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