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Media Delivery

How does Wistia deliver video and audio content? We use global CDNs to delivery our content around the world.

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How does Wistia deliver media content?

We use several top tier global CDNs (content delivery networks) to deliver content around the world. When a viewer presses play on a Wistia media, they will be delivered a media from a server that is closest to them in physical location. This means faster load times and a better viewing and listening experience. We deliver our content via adaptive streaming to deliver the best quality content at any given time. This means that, based on internet speeds of your audience members, we’ll flip between playback quality while the media is playing without interrupting playback. Pretty neat, if we do say so ourselves.

For each of your videos, we create several derivatives at different qualities, and then deliver the appropriate version depending on the internet speed of the viewer. We’ll continually monitor that speed, and increase or decrease that quality accordingly.

The Wistia player will automatically detect the environment in which your video is being watched, and will deliver the appropriate version for a great viewing experience.

Can I host my audio or video medias myself or on another network (such as Amazon S3) while using Wistia?

In order to provide all of our customization features, deliver medias via our player, and accrue analytics for your medias, the content does need to be uploaded to Wistia and delivered via our CDNs.

Does Wistia support live streaming?

We do! You can read all about Live here.

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