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Personal Settings

The Personal page in your account is where you can change your email, password, and update any Wistia alerts you'd like to receive.

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As an Account Owner, to access your Personal page, head to your Settings page and then click "Personal" from the sidebar menu. This page is where you can set up a profile photo, change your name, email, and password, amongst a number of other options.

To access the Personal page as a Manager or user, click "Settings" from your profile icon dropdown menu. This will take you right to your personal settings.

To add a profile photo, you can set one up through Gravatar. Be sure to use the email address that’s connected to your Wistia account in order to get things set up properly!

You can update your name, email, and password as well. If you make any changes, scroll down to click “Update Settings” in order to save your changes.

The Personal settings page is also where you can see the Account Owner(s) (if you aren’t the owner). Account Owners have access to many areas of the account that not all users can see. If there’s something you’re trying to do, but don’t see the option, you may not have permission. Head to our Users and Permissions page for everything you need to know about permissions in Wistia!

The Account Owner might be able to enable more permissions for you, or take care of the action themselves.

Below, you’ll see your Time Zone, used for Private User Sessions and email notifications.

Email Notifications

You can set up email alerts to stay in the know on how your contacts are navigating through your content.

Email alerts are automated emails sent to Wistia Account Owners and Managers (and, in limited cases, other users) that alert them to particular events that have occurred in their Wistia account. Alerts can be received for the following events.

  • New media: media is uploaded or copied into a folder

  • New Audience comment: new comments are made

    • Audience comments on my folders: comments on all folders that have been shared with you

    • Relevant Audience comments: new replies to a comment or content you posted

  • New Team comment: new comments are made

    • Team comments on my folders: new comments on all folders that have been shared with you

    • Relevant Team comments: new replies to a comment or content you posted

  • All folders: any new activity on all of the folders in your account

  • Sharing: someone invites new users to view your folders

  • Download: someone downloads media from your account

  • Activation: a new user logs in for the first time

  • Logins: a user logs into your account

  • Failed login: someone tries to log into Wistia but enters an incorrect email or password

  • Bandwidth Overage Warnings: your account is on track to exceed the bandwidth limit

You can check off any or all of these email notifications from your Personal settings page.

When you make a change, scroll down to click "Update Settings."

Account Media Exports

Opt into receiving an account media export on a weekly or monthly basis.

The account media export has a lot of information about the media in your account. It includes your media names, hashed ID, container type, media type, and more.

My Integrations

Connect Zoom to your Wistia account to directly import recorded Zoom videos.

Authorized Apps

Finally, you can see an “Authorized Apps” section on this page, which shows you any applications that you’ve connected to Wistia.


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