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Customizing the Share Buttons
Customizing the Share Buttons

A more advanced look at the Share Buttons in the Customize panel and how to configure them!

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This page is all about the Share section of the Customize panel. If you’re looking to share your videos, head over to the Sharing Your Wistia Videos page.


The Share menu is our name for the collection of social sharing options that can be added to your video that make it easy for your audience to share your content in their social networks.

To add share buttons, navigate to the video you’d like to add them to, and choose Customize. In the Customize panel you’ll see an option to add Share options.

Click the option, and this will turn the Share buttons ON ◉.

Share jamjar

Share has a bunch of buttons — which we can split into two buckets.

Wistia Sharing:

  • Embed (allows viewers access to embed your media on their own site)

  • Email (allow viewers to email your media)

  • Download (allow your viewers to download a copy of the video)


Download is not an available sharing method for audio medias.

Social Sharing:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook share

  • LinkedIn

  • Google Plus

Here are what the sharing options look like on the video player:

share button in use on player

And here’s what the sharing options look like on the audio player:

share options for audio player

All of these buttons work pretty much how you think they will. When clicked, the sharing button will share the media content on a audience member’s chosen social media account. If you’d like to further customize the associated webpage that’s referenced in the share, make sure to check out the Buttons Link to section below.

You may have noticed an option to Configure the Twitter and Download buttons. Keep reading for more information on just exactly how that works.

Configuring the Share Buttons

Wistia allows you to configure some of the social buttons, to further customize your viewer or listener’s interaction with your content. You’ll be able to configure the Twitter and Download buttons.

Configure Twitter Button

When someone clicks on the Tweet button below your media, they’ll be prompted to create a tweet about the link they’re sharing. By default, this is the title of the media. But you can customize the tweet to line up with your brand.

Just select the Configure button next to the Twitter option, craft your awesome tweet, and make sure to hit Done.

configure tweet text


twitter sharing

Configure Download Button

You can also configure the Download button to specify the quality of video download. Viewers can download the Original File, the SD MP4 asset (the lowest quality copy we make), or the HD MP4 asset (the highest quality copy we make). The default is the SD MP4 asset.

Select the quality you’d like to allow, and make sure to hit the Done button when finished.

Keep in mind, allowing your users to download any versions of your video (but especially the higher quality options) will use more of your monthly allotted bandwidth.

Check out our bandwidth page for more tips on cutting down bandwidth consumption.

configure download button options

Buttons Link To … 

You can also use the Share buttons to link to a specific page where you’ve embedded your media, instead of the Wistia media page.

To customize this setting, just head into the Share menu from the Customize panel on the left, and change the setting from Where the video or audio is embedded to A specific page.

Fill in the page you’d like the social option to link to, and don’t forget to Save your settings.

Stats for the Share Buttons

Want to see who’s clicking the Share buttons in your video? We track that information on the video stats page of your account.

Shares for your videos will appear as Actions in the Summary Bar on your media stats page, and on individual heatmaps for your viewers and listeners.

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