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Customizing the Audio Player
Customizing the Audio Player

How to customize audio content in Wistia.

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In this article, we’ll cover how to customize audio content in your account. To customize a video, head on over here to learn more!

Customizing the audio player

There are a number of options for customizing audio content. You can change the player color, upload an image, set share options, add chapters, and order transcripts! You can also load settings from another media in your account to apply to the one you're customizing.

Click into the tab of the feature you’d like to customize.


In the Appearance tab of the Customize panel, you can set the player color.


You can limit the spectrum for your player color in order to make it more accessible! Check out the Accessibility page for more information.


If you’ve got some cool cover art that you want to showcase, you can add an image in the Customize panel. If things change, you can always remove the current image and/or upload a new one.


In the Share section, you can add the ability for viewers to share your content. Viewers will see this option when they open the Settings menu on the player.

With Share, viewers will be able to copy your content and post on platforms like Facebook and X.


You might have a longer audio file with some important sections that you want to highlight, or maybe you’d like your viewers to be able to skip around and discover different parts of your content. If so, adding Chapters is a great way to accomplish this!

You can automatically generate chapters via AI, or manually add them.

Once you’ve saved your chapters, you can click the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the player and then click into the "Chapters" tab, which will bring up the navigable chapters list.


The transcript tab is where you can choose whether or not you'd like the show the transcript as an option to view on the audio player.

All content uploaded to Wistia receives free computer-generated captions and transcripts. If your audio content is also referenced in a Channel, there will be a tab that appears on the media's popover in the Channel.

You'll find the transcript functionality directly on your media's page in Wistia, where you can edit the transcript, download it, generate chapters, as well as a number of other options.

You'll find a full breakdown of how our transcripts feature works here.

Load Settings

If you’d like to add customizations from one media to another one, select “Load Settings.” From here, click through to the media you’d like to use.

Load Settings Modal

When you select a media, we’ll tell you which customizations the media has set so you can be sure you’re selecting the correct one.

Once you select a media, click “Apply and Save.”

Set Folder Defaults

If you’d like to apply an audio media's customizations to others in a folder, select “Set Folder Defaults” from the Customize panel.

You can choose to apply the customizations to all media currently in the folder and/or all future media uploaded to the folder.

Once you’ve selected an option, click “Apply.”

And, that covers it! If you’re experiencing issues settings any customizations, or things just aren’t looking quite right, reach out to our Support Team - we’re here to help.

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