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Checking your Soapbox Stats
Checking your Soapbox Stats

Measure your Soapbox engagement with the Activity & Performance pages

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After you’ve shared your Soapbox with someone you’ll have some activity on that video in no time! Soapbox now gives you the ability to see more details on how viewers are interacting with your recordings.

The Activity feed will show a stream of viewing sessions for all videos, while the Performance page will show aggregate numbers for engagement and plays across all your videos. You can also enable Alerts to be notified when someone watches a Soapbox you’ve shared.


Activity, Performance, and Alerts are Solo or Team plans features so to access them, you’ll have to have a Soapbox Solo or Team subscription! You can learn more about the difference between these plans here.

Soapbox Activity Feed

Activity contains a real-time feed of all viewing sessions for your Soapbox videos. Each entry on the activity feed represents one viewing session on a video, so you can see the date and time it was watched, as well as a snapshot of the viewer’s engagement (also known as their percentage watched).

You’ll see the video’s thumbnail and title for each entry, as well as two specific activities in relation to Soapbox activity:

  1. Percentage Watched

  2. Call-to-Action Clicks


The “watched” percentage is rounded down to the nearest 25% milestone. So if you see someone watched “0%,” that means they clicked play but watched less than 25% of the Soapbox.

Inside your activity feed you’ll see a few possible states for sessions in your Activity Feed. If the video has a call to action at the end, it will either show a “🔗” to indicate a CTA was present but not clicked, or a “✅” to indicate a successful CTA conversion. If neither of these icons appear, the video does not have a CTA.

Here are some examples of different states you can see on the activity feed:

Soapbox Activity Feed Examples

Soapbox Performance page

The Performance page is your go-to resource for top-level statistics on Soapbox videos. You can see a snapshot of viewer engagement across all the videos within your Soapbox account, segmented over Last 7 Days or All-time.

Performance is broken down into three main statistics:

  1. Videos Watched - Percentage of videos that were watched at least once

  2. Average Engagement - Percentage of each video watched, on average

  3. Conversion Rate - Percentage of videos with CTAs that were clicked

Next to these percentages you’ll also be able to see some totals for your account:

  1. Videos Created

  2. Videos Watched

  3. CTA Conversions

Soapbox Performance Numbers

Beneath these account-wide stats you’ll also be able to see a breakdown of each Soapbox video recorded on your account, as well as the total Plays, Average Engagement, and total Conversions for each.

Soapbox Video Stats
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