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Recording Your Soapbox
Recording Your Soapbox

Here's everything you need to know about recording your Soapbox videos, from start to finish!

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We’re saying goodbye to Soapbox on 9/1, but you can still record with Wistia. Learn more.

Start Recording

Soapbox uses dual-stream recording — which just means that Soapbox records both your screen and your webcam at the same time, in two separate video feeds.

To start your dual-stream recording, click the Soapbox icon in your Chrome toolbar, this will open the recording page in a new tab.

Recording Your Soapbox

Choose Start Recording. You’ll then be able to choose if you want to share your whole screen, a specific application, or a single Chrome tab.

Share your screen

Select a screen, then click “Share.” The five second countdown will begin. You won’t be able to see yourself while you’re filming, but don’t worry, the blinking red circle means you’re recording!

Recording Countdown

To stop recording, click the red circle, you’ll be taken right to the Edit page where you can start editing your video!


Longer Soapbox recordings will put a bigger strain on your computers local hardware. We recommend recordings under 15 minutes in-length for the best results, but depending on your set-up your results may differ!


Whether you’re just getting started with video or are already a Video Marketing Expert™, reading lines off a teleprompter can make recording your Soapbox easier. With a paid Soapbox subscription you’ll have access to our Soapbox teleprompter feature.

Check off “Include Teleprompter” to activate this feature on the Soapbox recording screen. You’ll be able to paste in or upload your script and preview it!

Teleprompter Preview Mode

Advanced Settings

From the recording page you can select “Show Advanced Settings” beneath your webcam preview to make changes to your webcam capture settings. You can also enable echo cancellation or upload a .soapbox file you have saved on your computer.

Advanced Settings Soapbox

Filming Tips

As you’ll discover on the editing page, the beginning and end of the video can be trimmed. Messing up that opening line? Keep the record rolling, you can easily trim out those earlier takes.

You can also check out the Wistia blog for some tips, such as:

While recording, your screen will be visible instead of your webcam. This is done to allow you to present without the distraction of seeing yourself on screen. Nervous about how you look? Maintain eye contact with the camera, speak clearly, and you’ll do great. We promise.

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