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Editing Your Soapbox
Editing Your Soapbox

Arrange your Soapbox creations for a professional look and feel with transitions & trimming.

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We’re saying goodbye to Soapbox on 9/1, but you can still record with Wistia. Learn more.

Once the video is finished recording, it’s time to bring the two separate video feeds together to make a masterpiece.


Cut the start and the end of your video to ensure you have a crisp beginning and ending. Just drag the scissor markers on the bar below the player. Your changes will autosave as soon as they are made.


Now it’s really time to take advantage of everything Soapbox has to offer.

Soapbox segmented playbar when editing

Edit your video to switch back and forth between webcam capture, screencast capture, or split-screen. Click anywhere on the editing bar, and make your selection from the list of icons.


Feel like doing another take? You can press Discard & Retake Video to toss the current recording in the trash and try again. Keep in mind that discarded recordings are not recoverable.

Soapbox options for editing timeline

Let’s take a closer look at those options:

  • screencast capture icon


  • webcam capture icon

    Webcam capture

  • screencast capture icon

    Screencast capture

The magnifier can be used with both the screencast capture and split-screen modes. The webcam capture will not magnify on its own. Clicking + and - will zoom in and out. A specific area of the screen can be focused on by dragging your cursor on the player itself.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Soapbox edit interface has a number of keyboard shortcuts for ease of use and accessibility when adding transitions to your video. The shortcuts are as follows:

  • Space Bar: Play/Pause

  • Enter: Add Transition/Confirm Selection

  • S: Select Split Screen View

  • D: Select Desktop View

  • F: Select Webcam View

  • Right & Left Arrows: Fast Forward & Rewind (by frame)

  • Shift + R/L Arrow: Fast Forward & Rewind (by 1 sec)

  • Up & Down Arrows: Jump Back & Ahead (by edit point)

Saving Edits

Soapbox uses an autosave feature that saves periodically as you’re making edits. This way, you don’t accidentally lose your work! A message in the top right corner of the page will let you know when an autosave has occurred.

Soapbox - Saving Edits

Soapbox - Edits Saved

When you’re satisfied with the edits and layout, next you can Customize your Soapbox before sharing it.

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