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Account Troubleshooting

Something in your Wistia account acting differently than you expect? This is a great starting place for getting your issues sorted.

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Sometimes things might look a little funny within your account. Maybe you can’t see the right menus, or access certain credentials. Let’s check out some common account issues.

I Can’t See the Settings Menu!

Do your account settings look something like this?

Account Setting Menu for Troubleshooting

That’s because you’re a user on your Wistia account. Only the Account Owner has access to the full Account Settings menu. A Wistia account is only allowed one Account Owner.

We recommend contacting whoever invited you to your Wistia account if you believe you should have more access. If you think you should be the Account Owner, or would like to know who your Account Owner is, give us a holler. We’ll be happy to walk you through the steps to transfer account ownership.

My Overview/Side-Panel Options Aren’t the Same

In most of our help pages, we show an Overview/Side-Panel menu that looks something like this.

Overview/Sidebar all permissions

But you might see something like this.

Overview/Sidebar limited permissions

Or even no menu at all!

This is because your permissions don’t allow you access to everything within this menu. If you believe you should have different rights, contact whoever initially invited you to the Wistia account.

If you need more clarity around what permissions you have, check out our help pages on permissions and private sharing.

Still have questions? We’ll be happy to help.

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