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Customizing Your Video
Customizing Your Video

Drive more interaction and better engagement with your content using Wistia video customization features.

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Your audio and video content is truly powerful - and Wistia customization can ensure engagement with your audience, which drives business for you.

On this page, we’ll cover the different customization options for both audio and video and explain how to use the Customize panel. We’ll also get you up to speed on the advanced level tools for customization.

Once you customize your video, you can also choose to embed it with your customizations.

Wistia offers a lot of robust tools to make your online content your own. You can do lots of awesome stuff with Customize, including (but not limited to) changing the player color, choosing your own thumbnail, adding and removing buttons, autoplaying your video, and adding interactive elements like lead generation tools to keep your viewers engaged with your content.

The Customize panel is where all the magic lives, and should be your first stop after uploading a media. Let’s dive in!


These customizations are specific to the video player and while some overlap with the audio player, not all of them are applicable there. Annotation Links, Calls to Actions, Turnstiles, and Passwords cannot be applied to audio. If you’ve gotten started with podcasting and want to explore the customization options specific to audio episodes, head on over to Customizing an Audio Episode!

The Customize Panel

Customize panel from media page

After uploading a new media, customization gets it ready for the big time. Open the customization panel by selecting Customize from the panel on the left. The Customize panel reveals an array of different options for your media.

All customize panel options


The first step in making your media truly your own is to update the Appearance. The Appearance options are about getting your video looking snazzy. This drawer houses things like player color and branding. Check out our full Appearance guide.

Appearance Options in Customize

You also have the option to limit the spectrum of player colors that you can choose from. This gives you color options that are accessible and high visibility, therefore improving the viewing experience for those with visual and/or color impairment.

You can round the corners of the player as well.


Thumbnail jamjar

The Thumbnail is the “face” of your media - it’s the first thing a viewer sees. Set the image or the brief video loop you’d like to appear before the video is played here!

The Thumbnail help page awaits you.


The Controls area allows you to tweak the player controls on your video or audio player. Here you’ll be able to control a good amount of your audience’s experience, by adding or removing any Wistia player buttons.

Check out our Controls page.


Share jamjar

The Share option allows you to give your fans the option to share your videos within their own social networks. Your audience can share you medias on Facebook and Twitter (among others), and even embed your content on their own sites.

Check out the Share page for more details.

Annotation Links

Annotations jamjar

Annotation Links let you show a link to your viewers without interrupting the video. Annotations appear in the upper right corner of the video for however long you’d like.

Check out the Annotations page for more.

Call to Action


A Call to Action is a clickable message that directs your viewer to what you’d like them to do next. You can place a Call to Action at any point in your video.

To learn more about the awesome powers of Calls to Action, check out the Call to Action page!


Turnstile is Wistia’s email collection tool. Using Turnstile, you can add a form to your video to collect email addresses and names from your viewers. You can even connect Turnstile to your email integration so that you can reach out to these interested viewers later with targeted information.

To learn more, check out the Turnstile page.


Password jam jar

The Password feature allows you to gate your video content with a password. Add a password to any video and share it with viewers you trust.

Check out the Password page for more.


Chapters jamjar

Adding chapters to your long or short-form content is super easy with Wistia’s Chapter feature. Chapters allows your audience to navigate through your content with just a few clicks. They can watch or listen to the content that’s most interesting or relevant to them!

The Chapters page has all of the details.


Captions jamjar

Captions are an important part of making your content accessible to your audience.

They’re great for educators and instructors, and make it super easy for your audience to follow along in any language. The icing on the cake? They’re great for video SEO since Wistia will inject the transcripts into your on-page markup.

English captions can be ordered through Wistia at a rate of $2.50/minute for professional captions, or $0.25/minute for automated captions. You can also choose to upload your own SRT files (for free) in any languages.

If your media already has captions, the Captions customize area will allow you to edit, download, or delete the captions. You’ll also see an option to order or upload another SRT file.


Eventbrite invite

You can add an event signup form from Eventbrite directly to your video. What better way to help spread the word about your event than with a video?

Learn all about it on the Eventbrite Integration page.

Load Settings

If your videos across folders or Channels share common settings, this one will save you lots of time.

load settings

If you’ve just uploaded a new media, or want to add the customizations from one media onto another media, you should use Load Settings. Inside the Customize panel, select the Load Settings option at the bottom.

Customize your video v3 - load settings

Load Settings includes a list of your folders and Channels and the medias housed in them. When you select a specific media, the copy underneath will describe the customizations on the media, which if you ask me is pretty slick.

Set Folder Defaults


Set Folder Defaults is available in a Channel episode's Customize panel as "Set Channel Defaults."

If you upload your videos in batches, or have lots of videos in your folders, this one is for you.

Customize panel from media page

Once you have the customizations for your first video all set, select Set Folder Defaults from the panel on the left.

Set folder defaults modal

The Set Folder Defaults screen has two options:

  • Apply the customization settings to all videos currently in the folder.

  • Apply the customization settings to all future videos added to the folder.

These are not mutually exclusive - you may choose to use both. This means once you apply a set of customizations to a single video, you can apply them automatically to all the videos in the folder, and all the videos going forward.

Set Folder Defaults will apply these customizations to the videos in your folder:

  • Player color

  • Player buttons and controls

  • Comment permissions

Set Folder Defaults will not affect any video-specific customizations you’ve made, like:

  • Annotation links

  • Calls to Action

  • Captions

  • Thumbnails

  • Turnstiles


Just a heads up, folder defaults can only be set for folders with fewer than 1,000 medias. If you’re working with more, you should create a second folder and use Move & Copy to move your videos.

Customization FAQ

Do you have an awesome animation explaining how Customize works?

Yes, yes we do.

What if I want my medias to appear differently (i.e. have different customizations) in two different places?

Each version of the media in your account will only have one set of customizations. To have the same media with different customizations, you will need to create a new instance of the media.

The quickest way to do this is with the Move & Copy tool. Create a copy of your media, and start applying new customizations to it!

You said customizations would show up on Twitter, but what about Facebook?

Unfortunately, because of the limitations of Facebook embedding, we are not able to push all of your awesome video customizations over there. Right now we can only embed a thumbnail image that links out to your video. This still has the benefit of driving traffic to your site, but if you want the full functionality of the Facebook player we recommend uploading your videos there natively.

When I enable comments will that comment box show up on my website when I embed the video?

Nope! Just on the Wistia media page in your account.

What customization features are available for my podcast episodes?

You can customize the player color, upload episode art, configure sharing settings, and add chapters!


The button and player color set from the Channel’s Appearance menu overrides the individual video’s player colors only within the context of the Channel. For example: if your video’s player color is blue but you set the Button and player color for your Channel to orange, the player color will be orange when you view your video in the Channel and be blue on your video’s Wistia media page.

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