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Legacy Free Plans
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If you signed up for a free Wistia account before July 13, 2022 and you haven’t upgraded to one of our new plans, you’re on a Legacy Free Plan. Simply put, this means the plan you’re on is no longer available to new customers.

Beginning in 2023, we’re phasing out Legacy Free Plans. If you’re currently on one, you’ll need to move to a new plan — but you don’t have to take any action. We’ll smoothly transition you over to the new Free Plan on the date listed on your account, and we’ll notify you ahead of time. Until then, you can access your account just like always.

What’s Changing

With the new Free Plan, you can now upload up to 10 media files to Wistia at no extra charge, compared to the old limit of three in the Legacy Free Plan. You’ll also get access to some of the latest and greatest features we’ve been cooking up, like being able to create polished videos with Wistia’s built-in recording feature.

Our new Free Plan is structured for single-user access, so you’ll no longer be able to add unlimited users to your account.

Other features that will no longer be available on the new Free Plan include:

  • Turnstile

  • A/B testing

  • Password protection

  • Calls to Action

  • Heatmaps

  • View stream

  • Export via CSV

If you’re looking for access to these features or if you want to add more users to your Wistia account, we encourage you to explore our new plans to see which plan might be the best fit for you.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our Support team!

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