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On your event overview page, click "Customize" to access customization options for your live event. Within this menu, you can customize your event’s branding, registration page, registration form, event room, and event reminder emails.


Live event customization is available for Account Owners and Managers on Advanced and Premium plans. Head to our Pricing page to learn more about our plans.


Apply your custom branding to your event by uploading a logo and adjusting background colors and fonts. Changes made on this page will be applied to all aspects of your event, but you can fine-tune other settings in other tabs.

Live Customization - Brand

You can also see a preview of how your settings will look on primary and secondary buttons for your live event.

Registration page

Viewers will be directed to the registration page after opening your event invitation. Customization options for this page include custom buttons, event descriptions and graphics, and speaker photos and descriptions. If the registration page is currently turned off, you can also turn it on from this page.

Live Customization - Registration Page

Registration form

Each registration page contains a registration form with fields to collect information from your event registrants.

Within the Registration form tab, you can add or remove registration fields, add a custom disclaimer message, customize the title and event information that is shown, and edit the form’s appearance. Registration forms may also be embedded on a separate landing page using the "Embed" option.

Live Customization - Registration form


Some email integrations may not offer the option to add or remove certain fields.

Adding Wistia Custom Fields

When using a Wistia registration form, head to the Registration form tab within Customize and select “Add custom field.”

Text fields will display for Title (your custom field), and Placeholder (an opportunity to provide helper text to guide registrants in answering the prompt).

You can require registrants to put an answer in the field with the “Required” toggle. The field can be deleted using the trash can icon.

Registrant information, along with their responses to the custom fields, are displayed in the table and within the Export found on the Registrants page.

Syncing Wistia Custom Fields to a Marketing Automation Platform

When using a Wistia registration form with a Marketing Automation platform set up as the primary integration, you can sync registrant information and responses to custom fields with a list of your choice.


To ensure that your custom fields sync to your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), any required fields in your MAP should also be required on the Wistia form. Additionally, for data to sync properly, make sure that no other validations exist.

Before you get started, you'll want to connect the integration to your Wistia registration form.

Wistia Custom Fields and Hubspot

Once a HubSpot static list is selected, specify which HubSpot property to send the field responses using the "Send to HubSpot property" dropdown menu within the Registration form tab.

Completed registrations are sent to HubSpot via the chosen static list and custom field responses are available on the designated property for the registrant.

Wistia Custom Fields and Marketo

When a Marketo list is selected, you can choose which Marketo field to send the field responses using the "Send to Marketo field" dropdown menu.

Registrations are sent to Marketo through the selected list, with custom field responses accessible via the designated field for each registrant.

Wistia Custom Fields and Pardot

With a Pardot list selected, you can choose which Pardot field to send the field responses using the "Send to Pardot field" dropdown menu.

Registrations are sent to Pardot through the chosen list, with custom field responses accessible via the designated field for each registrant.

Event room

Upon joining your live event, registrants will enter the event room where your webinar will take place. Any color or font customizations you make on the Brand page will be visible to both the host and panelists as well as the audience.

You can choose dark or light mode, customize the logo, and add a custom button. Within the "Sidebar" section, you can choose the background color, and enable or disable the audience chat, Q&A section, and polls from the "Audience engagement" tab.

Live Customization - Event room


From the "Emails" tab, you can configure a custom confirmation email, schedule reminder emails, and create a follow-up email to be sent after your event ends. To further connect with your audience, you can add your social media profiles to your emails as well.


This feature is not available when using a Marketing Automation registration form.

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